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Hello! I'm an NYC-based advertising senior art director. Scroll down to peruse through my work and click on each image to see them larger or link out.
  Discover America (Brand USA) is the first ever integrated campaign to promote US tourism to international markets. The digital efforts include banners, free trip contest, social channels and even a free theme song download, all welcoming foreigners to see unique sides of America.
  Frozen food out of the box usually looks like dog food in a plastic tray after being heated up in the microwave. The brand wants to be inspirational in showing its loyal consumers on Facebook and Pinterest how they can make the food appetizing simply by plating it in a modern and refreshing setting. I worked with the agency photographer and put on my food stylist's hat in creating edible food porn. No spray or chemical used in the photo shoots. And I ate many of the dishes after the studio shoots.
  Macy's "Yes, Virginia" Musical provides grants to schools to put on the musical. I worked on two art directional approaches to the website that offered a grant application and a tool kit for teachers. Although my dedisgn wasn't selected. I contributed contiously to the content pages and the mobile site. This project of collaboration with other creatives won various awards in 2013 (Cannes, Clio, ADC and One Show).
  T. Rowe Price, known as a mutual fund company, taps into the editorial space by presenting thought leadership on topics across sectors, making connections between clients and the near future. Ads drive to the brand journalism site.
  Litter Genie (a cat litter disposal system thanks to the genius behind Diaper Genie at Energizer), taps into the LOL internet cat-speak on a musical journey, inviting feline lovers to a photo contest to dress up their cats to become the next supurr-stars.
  An integrated CRM platform combines DM, eDM and an online welcome kit to provide shipping tutorials and tools to business customers.
  Bake the Change is a social platform that propels passionate bakers to submit their altruistic ideas and have people vote on them to get grants to change the world, one local community at a time.
Partnering up with Make-A-Wish, Betty Crocker asks consumers to help grant children's wishes. Cupcakes represent the tally, and a map indicates donations for local chapters.
Winter holidays come to life in a town built with cookies. The microsite invites consumers to tour the town, collect recipes, send e-cards, and download wallpapers with a screensaver.
  Fun games work as banners and modules on both Bisquick.com and Facebook pancakes fan page.

Pancake lovers can flip pancakes to score a coupon. They can also invite family and friends to a pancake breakfast with pancake letters that I personally cooked and shot. Parents can print out diner-esque placemats and a stacking height chart for their kids. They can even download a weather forecast widget with pancake icons.
The site offers grants to fundraising coordinators and provides tools to budget, and customize invitations, posters, flyers and signs. A family of emblems reinforces the strong and good causes.
Bisquick is more than pancakes, especially when there are leftover meats. The microsite continues the TV story and asks the consumer to resuscitate leftovers back to life and get more savory recipes.
Online advertising includes a standard banner and a page takeover with dramatic effects.
  The animated digital billboard at the Union Square flagship branch displays promotons of products and services to drive foot traffic into the retail space.
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